A New Beginning


When I started considering my next move, I knew that I wanted to return to “startup land” and join an early stage company. But not too early! I wanted to find a company that had a core disruptive technology with great future potential, but that also had a solid start in revenue with an initial real-world product. And then I found Infinio.

Infinio is exciting in several ways. First and foremost, it’s a startup with a disruptive business model that relies on an operationally non-disruptive innovation. This is important. In my career, a fundamental lesson I’ve learned is that ease of consumption and low-friction sales are vital attributes whether you’re a small startup, a huge incumbent, or something in between!

Second, there’s the Infinio team. Some serious rock stars are here, from companies like Endecca, NetApp, Netezza, and Veeam. From my earliest talks I could tell they were a force to reckoned with. And more importantly, that the organization gets it. Everybody is committed to the vision of disruptive change without adding operational burden in the data center.

Infinio is what I like to call a Software Defined Storage Service[1]. Infinio’s initial product is innovative server-side caching software that brings downloadable storage acceleration for vSphere. Customers in industries from mining to finance have deployed Infinio in their data centers with great success.

One of the key advantages of Infinio’s cache is that it can be live installed and live uninstalled without any interruption. That’s right! No impact. You can try out the technology on live production workloads without interruption if you dare! (And some customers have!)

More important than the installation itself, Infinio’s approach to acceleration is non-disruptive. It does not require purchase, installation, and datastore migration to a new hybrid or all-flash array. It doesn’t require installation of new converged infrastructure server with storage. It doesn’t present a new datastore that needs to be migrated to. This is what I mean by operationally non-disruptive; there’s no ongoing commitment.

Now the storage a customer already has can support their growing VMware virtual infrastructure while improving performance levels. The cache mechanics are carefully designed and implemented with a sophisticated scale-out approach that should lead to broader use cases in the future.

I’m thrilled to be a part of that future. Infinio is already off to an incredible start, and I’m looking forward to see how far we can take it. Like any startup, this is just the beginning. Look for Infinio to steadily and rapidly broaden to additional storage platforms and workloads, while delivering additional Software Defined Storage Services based on its highly scalable, content aware engine. I’m excited about all the areas we can take this technology moving forward, solving hard customer problems and sharing them with you.

In future posts, I plan to delve into the details of Infinio’s core technology and customer use cases.

[1] Brian Madden suggested I add “Cloud” and declare buzzword Bingo!

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